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Rome-based translators sharing ice cream? - Conyac flies to Europe, starting with Italy -

Hello! This is Nicolas from the Conyac Team, and today I would like to share with you a trip that I recently went on, touring the countries of the land of my birth, Europe.

My journey began with Italy’s capital, Rome, where I shared an after-lunch at the famous Sicilian pastry Dagnino, located in the very center of the city, near Termini station.

Conyac fosters human relationships

I received a very warm welcome as soon as I put my feet on Italian ground, as one of the attendees, Giulia, spontaneously offered to pick me up at Fiumicino airport with her car prior to the trip!!

Giulia was there right on time, ready to head to the city. She told me some interesting facts about Rome while we were driving - like that ancient road (via Aurelia) running across the country from Rome all the way to France - and we arrived one hour later at the meeting place: a lovely traditional pastry in an arcade, where Kappuccina (Carmela) was waiting.

The two women already knew each other thanks to our latest big projects’ group message, where they had the opportunity to exchange about their experience, doubts, difficulties, as well as free talks.

We sat down before Dino joined us a few minutes later, bringing a friend of his with him, Gabriele, who was not a member of Conyac yet but has been introduced to the service, as Dino had a great time working with us and realized that people actually got paid for the provided work.

But Gabriele was not the only one doubting Conyac, since Giulia also confessed that she did not give her best until now because she was afraid not to be paid eventually… But we do pay our users, and now everyone will be able to relate!

A few minutes to spare in Italy? Then grab your “gelato”!

When I told my people I would be in Rome for a few hours in the afternoon, it was obvious to everybody: We were going to have an ice cream in one of the numerous locations across the city.

Italian ice cream (gelato) has been a traditional dessert in the country for centuries, and it is very common to see people there walking down the streets with their cornetto in hand.

As the bilinguals were talking to each other, I was surprised to learn that all of them had been coming to this exact location since they were children, and so did their parents before them… It made me realize that 26 years spent on this planet is actually really short.

Communication does not always go through words… A smile can tell a lot, too!

After 2 or 3 hours, it was already time to split up, as my hotel was a bit far from the center.

This is when our great teacher Kappuccina called her husband without hesitation to ask him if he could drive me to my hotel!

We therefore took the subway to go find Roberto, who was so kind to help me commuting through the city, although he could not speak any of my languages.

The next destination on my list was Portugal and its capital Lisbon, where I was going to head a few hours later, after a good night’s sleep…

Ciao e grazie Italy, bom dia Portugal!

Events English 25 Aug 2016 at 18:00
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