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Conyac Tokyo Meet-up Event Report

Thank you for coming to our Conyac Tokyo meetup!

On May 20th 2016 (Friday) at the Open Terrace at G-Days in Kanda, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, we held a meet-up event with Conyac users.

Hard to imagine everyone was meeting for the first time!

This time, we had about 30 people, including members of Conyac’s staff, join the event, all of whom had worked together on a recent project.

From salarymen on their way home from work to university students out for a fun night, the backgrounds, languages, and nationalities of the event’s attendees were all different, which made for quite a diverse lineup in our little group.

Partially because everyone had just finished working on the same project together, from the start the atmosphere was very relaxed, and friendly conversations in all different languages could be heard from every corner.

In fact, you wouldn’t have thought that, for most of the attendees, both translators and staff, this was the first time to meet each other face-to-face. Indeed, the atmosphere created by Conyac’s translators casually chatting was as if everyone had been friends for many years, no doubt stemming from the trust and relationships built while working together over the past few months.

 Is Japan the only country that puts seafood on pizza?!

This time, the food for the evening was hand-made pizza. While Conyac’s staff was busy carefully preparing the nights refreshments, translators wanting to try making pizza themselves actively joined in.

A line up to make pizza quickly formed, and because of that, the differences between countries and cultures began to come out.

“In my country we don’t put seafood on pizza!”, “No salami on a pizza is kind of unique, eh?”, and so on, discussion about how pizza differs from country to country reinforced the cultural diversity amongst our group. (And of course, even if the pizza was handmade it was still delicious!)

A conversation I had with Niki, from Indonesia, was especially memorable. 

For work, Niki is a translator who worked as a project leader for Indonesian in this recent large project. At home, though, she is a mother who often bakes wonderful hand-made cakes for her children, wonderful cakes that she was kind enough to share with the members of our office.

We were fortunate enough to get to know the friendly and kind hearted Niki, and, through her, we heard a story that shocked and amazed us. Because of the difference in commodity prices between countries, it seems that during this large project, one translator working in the Indonesian language earned enough from their work to build a new house in Indonesia. We were deeply impacted by just how much the value of money changes from country to country when we heard this story.

A Place for Exchanging Ideas

At this event, we were able to hear not only the situations that brought our various attendees together that night, but also able to hear their opinions about the work they had done, and their expectations for Conyac going forward.

We were able to communicate directly with our translators and hear their questions about Conyac, get advice directly from the people who are helping to fuel our service, and learn what is troubling them. The event was not only great fun, but also deeply and mutually beneficial.

In the future, we would very much like to hold more of these events, so if you were unable to attend this time, don’t worry, you’ll have another chance!

Furthermore, if you have an idea for a great event that you would like us to hold, don’t hesitate to let us know at because we would love to hear your ideas!

Starting with this meet-up in Japan, we’re pleased to announce that we have similar events planned in Asia, Europe, and South America! We hope to announce meet-ups around the world in the very near future, and we’re very excited about what the future holds.

We hope to see you again soon over at!

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