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Conyac’s New York Cafés series: Manhattan Recommendations

Welcome to part 2 of Conyac’s New York Cafés series.

With so many great cafés to discover all over NYC, it’s hard to choose one over the other. But as a seminal "third place" in the lives of coffee drinkers,  finding the right café that fits your style and mood is just as important as getting the coffee you need to fuel you through the day.
I mentioned in my first entry that I generally look for a place with Wifi, seating, and electrical sockets in order to get some work done. Those qualities are big bonuses, but certainly aren’t the only factors of a great café.
The places I’ll be highlighting in today’s entry were selected because of their distinct locations and atmospheres.
To start things off we have...

The Bean on the corner of 1 Ave & E 9 st. in East Village. 

This café has a local, eclectic vibe, with quirky original drinks like the nut-Ella Fitzgerald (a mix of espresso, Nutella and milk), The Great BAM-bean-O (inspired by the Yankees' legend, Babe Ruth), and the Frozen Mona Lisa (their self professed "indescribable" take on frozen coffee). It hits all my prerequisites for a good café with it’s free Wifi, ample seating, and electrical sockets. It’s a little out of the way from where I usually have appointments but still a great place to work if you have an hour to spare.

The baristas are really friendly!

Their menu is quite extensive with pastries, sandwiches, and other goodies.

Next up, with a similar name but totally different style is...

2 beans on 40th St & 41st St in Midtown East 

I walked into 2 beans a couple weeks back during a blizzard, not expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. It turned out to be a kind of hybrid coffee/chocolate shop, so I decided to stick around and try their cappuccino. On the ground floor there is a counter where you can order your caffeine to go or peruse their assortment of chocolate and coffee related goods. 
If you’d like to take your time and enjoy your beverage, head on up to the second floor loft where couches and tables are available. The posh atmosphere and accessible location (2 mins from Grand Central Station) make 2 beans a good choice for a quick business appointment outside the office. The only downsides to this place are the lack of electrical sockets, and that it fills up pretty quickly during peak hours, so be prepared to choose a different locale if you need a seat or your laptop is out of battery. 

If you get your coffee to stay, look forward to the complimentary chocolate. In the picture above I had sea salt dark chocolate. It was amazing! There is just enough salt to give the chocolate a crunch, but not enough to make the saline flavour overwhelming.
Finally we have...

R&R Coffee on Fulton St & Gold St in the Financial District

I stumbled upon this cozy café while looking for a place to wait for an appointment in FiDi (Financial District). It’s right around the corner from the Fulton street WeWork offices, which I visited on multiple occasions, so I got the chance to come here a few times.
Easy to access but somewhat hidden, R&R Coffee serves up a pretty nice cappuccino and hits all the points on my list. Its high marble counter seats offer a place to plug in and charge your PC. They serve all your standard cafe drinks, as well as pastries, and have a quite the selection of specialty mochas (Snickers, peppermint, and sugar & spice) .  
If you find yourself on Fulton street, or the FiDi area in general, try stopping by for your caffeine fix . It's a much nicer alternative to any of the chain cafés in the area. 

Look at that killer latte art! A heart poured with finesse.  

In the next edition of the Conyac NYC cafés series, I’d like to talk about something I’ve ironically failed to so far: the coffee itself! I only have a little time left in the city so it will be my final entry for the series.

Jack Xavier's most recent café visit: 61st St Woodside Dunkin Donuts... Does this even count as a café? The flavour shots and swirls are not bad though. 
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