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10 most common New Year's resolutions

It's that time of year...

Time to reflect on the past and plan the future. In 2015, everything will be different! Or will it?

We are bringing you the list of most commonly chosen (and broken) resolutions. Do any of these plans apply to you?

1.) Get fitter

Everyone's favourite resolution routine! Some people want to lose weight, others want to maintain a healthier lifestyle, and there's no better month to start than after the holiday season. After spending a month that's dedicated to obsessive eating and drinking, it doesn't take that much to improve December habits. Maintaining the lifestyle throughout the year is another story...

2.) Quit smoking

After an intense new year's eve toxification, overcoming a hangover and abstaining from cigarettes isn't that difficult for a day or two. Even if it doesn't last too long, it doesn't hurt to give smokers' lungs some rest every year...

3.) Learn a new skill

Horseback riding, snowboarding, knitting or programming, new year comes with a new drive and desire to learn something useful.

4.) Spend more time with loved ones - or keep in touch with old friends

After all family gatherings, company parties and drinks with friends everyone wishes to continue this tradition throughout the winter. With all technology at hand, this has never been easier...

5.) Save money

Holiday shopping has dried the wallets and it's time to start saving for next year.

6.) Travel/take a trip

Whether we lack serenity or action, a trip to an exciting and nice location always brings out the best in us.

7.) Be less stressed

When you think how many times you stressed over nothing last year, it's easy to recognise how irrelevant some 'big problems' of 2015 will seem at the end.

8.) Fall in love

Because falling in love feels great. Whether it's falling in love with your soulmate, a beautiful day, that perfect pair of shoes or yourself - it doesn't really matter. Feels awesome each time!

9.) Get a better job

Since most people spend most of their time at work, it's important that the job is fulfilling, exciting and valuable. If your current job doesn't make you happy, fit and more knowledgeable, it's time to leave it behind.

10.) Help others

Happiness is only real when shared and by helping others we make our own lives much more valuable.

News English 07 Jan 2015 at 18:14
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