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More Christmas Fun (and dancing) in the Philippines

You can't escape the Christmas spirit anywhere in the world, but you can't escape the Christmas spirit AND dancing in the Philippines

December has started and Christas spirit is roaming town squares, shopping malls and music selection on the radio all over the world. There's nothing else to do but embrace the joy and make it as special as possible. If you haven't made your travel plans yet, here's a country to consider!

All the joy

Celebrating Christmas in a country with such unique history, diverse geography and joyful people is an incredible experience. Filipinos are famous for their warm hospitality, friendliness to foreigners, musical and artistic talents, romanticism, deep religiosity, bravery and fond of music, fiestas and having a good time in general. Even the country motto “It’s more fun in the Philippines” reflects the character of the people who know how to enjoy life and radiate positive energy.

Keep it shaking

Upon arrival in Manila, you will immediately feel as if I landed on the stage of a pop musical. Music and dancing is present everywhere, and you will see for yourself that even the “dancing cops” are not just a YouTube sensation. If you can't get enough of dancing, you can also see Cebu’s CPDRC “Dancing Inmates”, a rehabilitation dancing program that turned into a worldwide online sensation. The show must go on and in the Philippines, there’s no reason to stop it – even in prison.

Filipinos are famous for their singing and dancing abilities.

Every, but really every Filipino can comfortably take the microphone at any random occasion and blow us away with a beautiful voice and incredible performing passion. Every household owns at least one home karaoke set and there’s nothing more natural than a whole family clan enjoying a well-versed dancing routine, regardless of anyone’s age or role in the family. Even the mascot of Filipino fast food restaurant chain Jolibee promotes the happy Pinoy culture and takes the burger-lovers to a place where Ronald McDonald never stepped his dancing feet:

So get your dancing "chinelas" on and remember – there’s much more to explore than just fun in the Philippines!

Global English 05 Dec 2014 at 12:43
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