Conyac manages a community site that connects people who share a love for learning foreign languages.

We currently have 137,000 users with 63 languages being used at Conyac.
Registration and membership are completely free of charge.

Connecting People Worldwide

A community of 137,000 multilinguals.

Being able to access the Internet at any time from anywhere is truly wonderful, however getting past the language barrier is still a challenge as is communicating with people beyond your country’s borders.

Conyacmanages a community site that connects people around the world with a shared love for learning languages.

When you register on Conyac not only will you improve your language skills, but also have the opportunity to go beyond borders and meet all sorts of people.

Improve your language skills

Rather than just maintaining your language skills, translating will help you improve.

Many people feel that they’d like to use the language they spent so much time studying, but find that there are not many opportunities at work to utilize those skills.

When you register on Conyac not only with you be able to put your skills to use, but we also have many features available to help you improve.

Of course, all of our features are free of charge, and by doing translations, you can even earn some extra money.

Consult Language Lovers

Conyac's environment let's you exchange questions and reviews with ease.

All Conyac users speak at least two languages.
While everyone’s level is different, our many registered translators range from those who are just starting out to experienced professionals.

Even if you are still learning, just by submitting many translations you can improve. Other translators will review your translations and help you.

One of the many appealing points of Conyac is the ability to ask questions about the foreign language you speak, or about translations you don’t quite understand.

Earn Extra Money

Study while earning some money and go from bilingual to translator!

Taking advantage of the many features we provide on Conyac will allow you to improve your language skills. Of course, translation is the best way to improve your language skills, but it can also gain you a little extra money.

Earn rewards, exchange them for money, and have a good reason to improve even more.

Translate as much or as little as you like, whatever fits your schedule.

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Conyac is a community open to anyone who speaks more than one language and wants to improve their language skills.
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